Digitization, automation and optimization in the printing industry. Warsaw Print Tech Expo is coming soon!

On the one hand, the printing industry is facing many new challenges, while on the other hand, new, previously unavailable opportunities are opening up. The full range of them will be explored at the Warsaw Print Tech Expo, which will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on September 5-7, 2023.

The printing industry stands at the crossroads of multiplying challenges and opening opportunities. Experts and practitioners emphasize the leap in the cost of prices of raw materials necessary for production, as well as energy and employment. At the same time, “passing on” the rising expenses to customers is impossible, as the collision with the consumer barrier has already occurred. On the other hand, the sector is nevertheless experiencing growth due to its personalized approach to customer needs and market demands. Adapting to personalization issues, as well as the increasing automation of the industry, influences the growth of competitiveness and its further development.

How do you find yourself in this? What to bet on to ensure a more secure business future? Which trends to follow and which are not worth investing in? These and other questions will be answered by Warsaw Print Tech Expo, a trade fair for the printing industry held at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Digitization, automation and optimization in the printing industry at Warsaw Print Tech Expo

Warsaw Print Tech Expo is an event tailor-made to meet the requirements of modern business. It will be a networking meeting of the printing industry, focused on exchanging valuable leads, discussing the most important issues for the sector, or opening entrepreneurs to new opportunities. Thanks to the event’s wide range of offerings, the industry’s potential will be exploited to the maximum.

The event will present a full range of offerings for digital, offset, large-format and industrial printing. There will be no shortage of companies producing and distributing printing materials and components, 3D printing technologies, as well as those involved in automating printing processes. In addition, it will be possible to get acquainted with services and technologies related to warehousing or software and tools for the printing industry.

Printing Industry Congress during Warsaw Print Tech Expo

An important aspect of Warsaw Print Tech Expo will be the Printing Industry Congress, which will be held on the first two days of the fair, September 5-6, 2023. It is organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Packaging, the Lodz Institute of Technology and the Polish Chamber of Flexographers, which will guarantee the highest level of the event.

What will be the topics of the Printing Industry Congress? The first day of the event will be devoted to the challenges and opportunities facing the Polish printing market. Valued experts will talk about the latest trends and innovations in printing technology, focus on the role of print in today’s marketing-mix, and talk about digitization, automation and sustainable development in the industry. The second day will be equally fruitful, but also very practical. Thematic sessions will focus on printing processes and materials, and technical sessions on advanced printing technologies, color management and quality control.

The combination of such a wide range of topics with competent and substantive speakers will translate into an increase in the competence of individual participants of the Printing Industry Congress, as well as an update of the knowledge needed for development.

Who is Warsaw Print Tech Expo for?

Warsaw Print Tech Expo is an inclusive event, open to all entrepreneurs associated with the printing industry. The fair will be visited by, among others, owners and employees of printing houses, sales representatives of publishing houses, companies operating in the advertising and DTP industry, distributors of printing materials, representatives of purchasing and supply departments of printing houses and publishing houses, automation specialists or packaging companies.

Among the exhibitors they will be looking for leaders in the production and distribution of offset, digital, large-format, industrial and specialty printing machinery and equipment. Among the companies presenting their offers will also be suppliers of software for the printing industry, transport and distribution companies, manufacturers of printing materials and components, or companies offering printing and bookbinding technologies.


Take the next step in developing your own business in the printing industry and join the Warsaw Print Tech Expo!